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Out with the Old

Since the end of this years financial year I have been on a sol searching journey with my business. I have been looking at what I offer, what my customers love, pricing and should I be making changes and the resounding answer was YES!.

I have wanted to make this change in the past but was to worried about not having every scent option for my customers so I was holding off even though my instincts and bank account lol kept telling me to make the change.  

I have realised that having to many scent options is costing too much money and it doesn’t make sense to have containers of scent sitting around waiting for someone to purchase it every now and then. 

So whats my plan?
I am culling my candle range, (scent options) down from 53 scents to 20 scents

The 20 remaining scents will be my all year rounder scents and every season or occasion I will have a limited addition range added to keep everything fresh, some scents might make an appearance again in the future as limited addition scents.  

Your input has been invaluable and I thank you for staying on this incredible journey with me. I feel really good about this decision and honestly I am gaining more an more confidence in making these strong decisions. 

So what scents are being removed? See a full list below. These will be moved to our Sales section on the website. You can click here to go straight to shopping the discontinued scents. Once the scents have been used up the candles will be archived off the site. These candles will be heavily discounted so further discounts to these candles wont apply. 

If you have any feedback or if you can relate, let me know! 

Chat Soon,

Scents being culled:
50 Shades
Apple, Orange & Raspberry
Aronia Berry & Hempseed
Asian Pear & Lilly
Bird Of Paradise
Bonfire Glow
Cedar Forest
Champagne & Strawberries
Christmas Forest Fir
Cinnamon Vanilla
Cotton Candy
Fresh Coffee
Island Snow Christmas
Lady Billion
Love Potion
Minted Eggnog
Miss Belle
Monkey Farts
Pineapple Guava
Pineapple & Mango
Rose Jam
Sandswept Peach
Spiced Maple & Citrus
Sugar Plum Fairies
Tropical Burst
Very Vanilla
Watermelon Lemonade
White Jasmine & Ivy
Your Golden

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