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Red Wax Melt Burner

Red Wax Melt Burner

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Red Wax Melt Burner

Crafted from exquisite glass, our Red Wax Melt Burner exudes elegance and sophistication. Enhance your home decor with this delicate and eye-catching piece.

Suitable to hold one of our tealight candles and one of our Sol Wax Melts or some lovely essential oil.

How to use:
Wax Melt Instructions: Place 1 wax melt in the bowl of the burner. Place a light tealight underneath the bowl. When you are ready, simply blow out the tealight and the wax melt will harden again ready for the next burn.
Essential Oil Instructions: Fill the bowl at the top of the burner with water. Then place a few drops of essential oils into the water. Place a lighted tealight underneath the bowl.

Product Details:
Size: 120mm (H) x 120mm (D)
Glass Weight: 150g
Colour: Soft Red
Packing: Standard White Box
Made With: Glass

Important Care Instructions:

Failure to follow instructions could result in fire, hazard or injury. Remove labels before melting. Never leave unattended, Never burn on or near flammable, heat sensitive or porous surfaces. Never move while burning. Do not place on or near electrical appliances. Keep away from external heat sources. Should not burn for longer than 3 hours. Don't add water. Keep out of reach of Children and Pets and wax pool free of foreign matter, wick debris. Avoid exposure to draughts.


When cleaning, care should be taken to avoid the Glass breaking. Warm Hand Wash Only after Wax or Oil Removal. To Remove Wax or Oil residue, simply place a lit tealight in the burner until melted, once the tealight is extinguished use cotton balls to soak up the wax or oil pool. Take Care as the Glass will be hot.

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