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Tealight Candles - Refillable

Tealight Candles - Refillable

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Tealight Candles - Refillable

Sustainably made, waste-free & natural, our refillable tealight candles are the perfect addition to any eco-friendly home. With a long-lasting burn time and the ability to be reused, you can enjoy a warm and cozy atmosphere without harming the environment. Say goodbye to waist and hello to sustainability with our refillable tea lights.

✨ If you are new to using our Refillable Tealights, we recommend selecting the Glass Tealight Jar option as it is necessary for its use.  ✨

Follow our expert instructions to maximise the benefits of our tealight candles.
Best used in your Wax Melt Burner or insulate from cold surfaces and drafts. Allow candle to burn for a minimum of 2 hours, allowing the candle walls to become molten and avoid tunnelling. When you see the tealight running low let it burn out so there is no leftover wax. Do not leave unattended. Remove the metal wick sustainer after each burn.
Repeat with a new tealight for a clean burn every time.

If you happen to have any left over wax for some reason, simply use a spoon and scrape out excess. You can give the glass cup a warm soapy wash from time to time between tealight refilling.Β 

Product Details:
Pack Size: 20 Pack
Tealight Size: Approx. 21g Each
Burn Time (each): Approx. 9 hours
Packing: Supplied in Kraft Box
Wax Type: Soy Wax
Made: Brisbane, Australia
Features: Hand Poured, Hand Made

Important Care Instructions:

Failure to follow instructions could result in fire, hazard or injury. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Never burn on or near flammable, heat sensitive surfaces. Always burn on a suitable candle plate, never use the lid. Never move while burning. Do not place on or near electrical appliances. Keep away from external heat sources. Make sure you keep the wax pool free of foreign matter and wick debris. Avoid exposure to draughts. Keep out of reach of Children and Pets. Store in a cool dry place below 25degrees and away from direct sunlight.

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