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Happy Candle New Year

Happy New Year to our Sol Candles & Scents Family

2020 Was A Real Eye Opener for the Candle World

When COVID hit and so many people lost there jobs or were told to work from home the whole Candle Industry changed. Suppliers where inundated with orders and were overwhelmed with product demand. As you seen with Toilet Paper running off the shelves this was also happening with Candle Supplies. Companies were mass buying thinking that because of the wharf strikes that raw materials would run out. 
We then seen companies mass purchase and then resell at astronomical prices. This had such a knock on effect that it changed how everyone including us was going to purchase materials moving forward. 

We had so many scents unavailable and when they become available, they sold out in 5mins, YES 5MINS! It was a real struggle but we all adapted and supported our suppliers as much as we could. We took massive price hits during this period as some suppliers had no choice but to increase pricing due to shipping and high demands. 
We chose to not pass on the higher price thinking it would be for a brief period but have been told the higher prices of raw materials will be sticking around for quite some time. 

Unfortunately for us and you this means we need to raise the price of our products and set shipping. We are hoping that as the world settles into 2021 that we start seeing some normalcy again and can reevaluate where the industry is at.

As of today our new pricing will be:
Medium Candle: $18.00
Flower Diffuser: $16.50
Set Shipping Cost: $13.75
Free Shipping when you spend $90 or more.

Sending you Peace, Love and Good Vibes to you and your family. Where ever you are right now I hope we can all support each other through these ever changing times.