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Jessa Eco Lotus Flower Tealight Holder

Jessa Eco Lotus Flower Tealight Holder

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Lotus Flower Tealight Holder

The Spiritual Flower

Indulge in the beauty of this one-of-a-kind Lotus Flower Tealight Holder, Featuring a Glass Tealight Holder and 1 Refillable Tealight, this enchanting piece will add a touch of elegance to any space.

Our new Jessa Eco Homeware are carefully crafted by Sol Candles & Scents, from start to finish in-house. Using our amazing eco friendly materials, making it the greener solution. 

Experience the uniqueness of each Lotus Flower tealight holder with its own distinctive colour. Each one is truly one-of-a-kind! Just like a finger print.

Check out our Refillable Tealights if you would like more then one. 

Product Details
Height: Approx. 41mm
Width: Approx. 80mm
Each Lotus Flower is sold with 1 x Glass Tealight Holder and Tealight. 

Important Care Instructions:

Handmade homewares may have some imperfections as they are not machine-made. The Tealight Holder can be wiped down with a damp cloth.  Do not soak in water and do not use HOT water only warm to rinse.

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