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There are so many changes going on for small business advertising that its getting harder and harder to get your products in front of prospective buyers.

I wanted to say that without you we would not have gotten through this last year. For every post on Facebook ONLY 2% of our customers following us will actually see it and now we are being restricted more.

Facebook wants to get in touch with the emotional side of our customers. So that means if you only “like” our post it won’t show as an emotional response. Facebook wants customers to engage by hitting, not the like button, it has to be love, happy, laughing, crying, angry and they want to see comments. The comment can be a simple emoji. The more people that do this means that our 2% of customers viewing increases. BUT if you don’t do any of the above facebook will take it to mean that you are not actually interested in our products so won’t show them to you again.

Which is why sometimes you see a post through a friend and it wasn’t on your feed. Thats because your friend makes an emotional response or comments on the posts.

We want you to keep seeing what we have been creating and pouring our heart and Sol into and we want to help ALL small businesses out there. Get behind us and give us an emotional response or comment.
Share, plug, talk about us.
I can not tell you how happy you makes me when I see this. It gives me hope and gets me pouring each and everyday.

Don’t be afraid to ask us Questions on our wall or in messenger. I will be more then happy to answer them for you!

Lots of Good Vibes,