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Tealight Candles - Refillable


I refused to start making tealights in plastic cups, let me tell you why....

I couldn’t believe it when my suppliers decided to stop stocking metal tealight cups. No notice, just there is no stock left and you need to purchase plastic tealight cups instead. Apparently, it’s better for the environment to sell plastic tealight cups instead of metal ones. I found this hard to wrap my head around and I know there is probably some jargon somewhere giving the stats as to why plastic is better over metal BUT is plastic a better option for YOU?

I use a lot of tealights, for personal use and for also testing my wax melts. When I found out I had to move to plastic tealight cups, I was horrified. I did not want to sell tealights in plastic cups to my customers and couldn’t stomach the thought of having to bin those plastic cups every time a tealight was finished. Not to mention if the plastic starts burning, all those toxins you, your family and fur babies will be breathing in.

So NO, If it’s not good enough for me then its definitely not good enough for you. 

I new, I needed to come up with a different option and started to brain storm. Thats when I decided I wanted to make my own refillable tealights. 

I wanted to come up with a refillable option that stopped the waist, was eco friendly and each lasted for around 9 hours. So over the last few months I worked on creating my own refillable tealights and I am so happy with results. No toxins, zero paraffin and wont interfere with your wax melt scents but the most important part, No more throwing away those tealight cups and No Plastic Toxins. 

I know you can purchase tealights on some other platform or in a large retail chain for a fraction of the price but I don't have a machine that spins out 1000's per minute and I don't use cheap toxic products. My tealights are hand poured in batches of 20 using Soy Wax and Cotton Wicks. Purchasing my tealights means you, your family and fur babies will breath easy and the environment will love you for it. 

I hope you love these refillable tealights as much as I do. Happy Tealighting. 


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