About Us


The Beginning

I have always loved candles & wax melts, right from when I was very little, I always wanted to have a candle burning in my home or even a pretty display candle in my room. This passion never went away and as I got older and moved into my own home I realised that I was constantly purchasing candles but really wanted to delve into how to make them myself.

2014 was the first year I poured my first candle. I was so excited and so passionate about it that I kept making them and then starting giving them away to family members. Everyone I gave a candle too wanted another one and kept telling me that I should be selling candles.

So now 4 years later in 2018 I’ve created Sol Candles & Scents. I new that if I wanted to sell to the public that I needed to make sure everything was perfect so I have been testing, trying, getting advice and pushing myself to create a candle that a consumer will love and will want to come back for more. I want my customers to fall in love with candles like I have. I want people to walk into there home and say wow what is that beautiful smell. I want my candles to make people happy.

Before I launched my website I wanted to launch it knowing that I was about to sell a candle that I could be proud off. So I took my time with testing and perfecting until I found the perfect mix of soy, wick & scent to sell.

Our Values


To inspire you to open your mind and see what memories the scent invokes.


Every candle & melt is created and poured with LOVE and PASSION. From the first beed of Soy Wax to the finished packaged product our Passion is embedded from start to finish.


To appeal to your senses, open up your sense of smell and it will take you on a journey of emotions.


To always conduct business with openness, honesty, and truthfulness. We treat our customers and our team with respect and build trust by doing what we say we will do. We will always operate with strong moral principles and stand by giving our customer the best quality products.

Our Candles & Melts

Our Candles are made using 100% Soy Wax, Soy is a natural plant based wax that doesn’t release any toxins while burning. Our wicks are made from Cotton and are free from any heavy metals they also give a cleaner and longer burn time.

Our Melts are made from a Soy Blend. The reason we don’t use 100% Soy wax for our melts is that Soy Wax will melt very quickly and can lose its shape if not held together with a container. For transport and to keep them looking as they appear in the images we have used a 80 to 20% Soy Blend.

All of our candles are hand poured by our Chief Candle Maker Christie. Every day we are testing and trying new products to bring our customers the very best. We test-burn all our candles. This ensures you get the right scent throw and fantastic burn times oh and great value for money. Working closely with our manufacturers ensures that each item meets a high quality standard.

We will be constantly adding to our store and will continue to evolve our product range so that every item is of a high standard.

Special Orders

If you would like to place a special order send us an email and will will be more then happy to help.

No amount is to little or too large.

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