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Nordic Ceramic Candle Holders

Nordic Ceramic Candle Holders

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Nordic Ceramic Candle Holders

These stunning Nordic Ceramic Candle Holders are hand moulded and will give your home a unique look. They are in their natural ceramic state.
2 designs available both equally as beautiful as each other.

Fits standard & large tapered Candles

Candles sold Separately

Natural Ceramic

Product Details A:
Height: 50mm
Width: 120mm
Material: Ceramic, not sealed

Product Details B:
Height: 110mm
Width: 100.50mm
Material: Ceramic, not sealed

Important Care Instructions:

Gentle Cloth Wash, As the Ceramic is natural, it will be porous and absorb colours from coloured candles. Ceramic could stain. If your candle is not flat at the base, use some melted wax to stick the candle to the holder. Use with Caution. Never leave a candle unattended.

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