Why and How did I reduced my pricing 😮

Why and How did I reduced my pricing 😮


It's been a very hard start to this year, I had thought 2024 was going to be my year, over Christmas, New Year I was so positive and had set some new goals but that wasn't to be. In fact, I feel like mentally I went backwards. Everything I kept creating, I was excited about but it was being overshadowed by this oppressive feeling of "What have I done!" I hated that I increased my pricing and knew by April that I had to do something about it. 

I new that I had to find new avenues and see how I can get price reductions even if it meant my outlay was going to be costly to make it happen

BUT going cheaper is not always the option either. I tried out some scents from a local company because
A, other candle companies where saying there scents were fantastic,
B, the price point was cheaper
C, they are just down the road so I could get free freight 

However I found that there scents and quality were just no the same. 

Take for instance Ambered Sandalwood. When you open the bottle you get the smell of both Amber and Sandalwood, the scent wasn't quite the same but it was near close enough. Now add this to the candle and let it cure for 2 weeks and its just not strong like my other supplier. The scent also changed and just didn't seem to have layers to it. I felt the quality just wasn't there. It almost smelt fake. So back to my other supplier I went even though the price is more expensive, the wait time is longer and the freight costs are high, I felt on this one material I couldn't compromise on quality just for price. There is no point in making a cheaper candle if it has no smell or smells fake and terrible.  

So how was I able to cut costs and pass this back onto my customers?

I found a new glassware supplier that I was able to purchase in bulk from and ultimately decrease the price per candle jar and candle lid. I also found that if I purchased my soy wax in bulk I was able to get a price reduction, not huge but it was something and overall when I add it all up I was able to give my customers a price decrease. 

This needed to happen, the cost of living is through the roof and candles are a luxury. We all want to be able to have a nice smelling home or office. It makes us feel good inside! 

Passing on this price decrease makes me feel good as well, the oppressive feeling has disappeared and now I can inject positive energy into my business. 

I was unable to reduce the cost of freight though. The average cost for posting someones order for me is around $20 but there are ways you can have free shipping. If you join my rewards program you only need to use 50 rewards points to redeem free shipping. Leaving me a product review gives you 70 points, so by helping me and my business you get rewarded as well!

When does the price decrease come into affect, Right Now! I have already implemented to price decrease. 
Medium Signature Candle was $29.50 now $24.00 
Xlarge Signature Candle was $40.00 now $37.00
Lux Candle Range was $50.00 now $42.00
Holly Candle Range was $45.00 now $38.00 (Butterfly coming back to stock soon)
Wax Melts, Single was $3.00 now $2.50
Most Candles, Diffusers, Wax Melts & Gift Boxes have also had a price decrease. 

I hope the price decrease helps you in some small way, its not Kmart cheap but at least you get a good quality product made by little old me. 

Happy to answer any questions you may have.

Chat soon and Happy Shopping 🛍️ 

Christie 🧡

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